Browse a vast collection and find the right eyewear retainer strap, eyeglasses cord, and lanyard for sunglasses.

Make the most of your prescription glasses and sunglasses with Cat & Cow’s vast collection of eyewear accessories. You have countless models to choose from made from high-quality materials, such as leather or silicone. Whether you are looking for a fashionable eyewear string cord, floating sunglass lanyard or a cool eyewear retainer strap, browse through our vast collection and buy your eyewear essentials.

Eyewear String Cord

The eyeglasses string cords available on Cat & Cow are a great option for anyone who wants to highlight their natural sense of style. With no shortage of vibrant colors and quality craftsmanship, the Cat & Cow eyewear string cord serves a double functionality of protecting your favorite shades while ensuring you look cool and fashionable. From funky bright red cord to beaded necklaces, you can add a fresh vibe to your look with dapper eyewear string cords from Cat & Cow. 

Eyewear Retainer Strap

If you love to go trekking, biking, or fishing but are tired of constantly losing your expensive sunglasses, then you should start looking for an eyeglass holder strap on Cat & Cow. Our collection comes in a wide variety of colors and style, made from high-quality materials. They are handmade and designed to ensure a proper fit. So, whether you are participating in a challenging outdoor activity or simply enjoying a quiet hike, Cat & Cow’s eyeglass holder strap will provide a secure hold that will prevent you from losing your valuable eyewear. 

Lanyard for Glasses

Lanyard for glasses and sunglasses are the new cool accessory and a must-have for every outdoor and nature lover. Why should you buy one? They are handmade and specially designed to keep your sunglasses or prescription glasses on or near your head. You can adjust the cord so that the glasses can either sit firmly and securely on your head or dangle on your chest. Made from high-quality materials that can resist the constant wear and tear of an outdoorsy lifestyle, Cat & Cow’s collection of lanyard for glasses is an essential accessory. 

When you shop on Cat & Cow, you can expect to get the best quality and price. We put an emphasis on quality and design and struggle to provide eyewear accessories that can meet any needs, style, and preferences. The retainers available on Cat & Cow come in many styles and colors so that you can wear them with your favorite glasses or different outfits. Whether you are looking for sunglasses straps for men, a fashionable eyeglass neck strap, or the best sunglasses lanyard, Cat & Cow has got you covered. 

Browse through the amazing collection of eyewear accessories on Cat & Cow and choose your favorite. 

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