Keep your favorite shades safe and out of the water with floating eyewear retainer from Cat & Cow.

From kiteboarders and kayakers to fishermen and trekkers, outdoor explorers need a way to keep their expensive sunglasses secure and ready for use at any time. Keep your frames safe while on the water with durable, comfortable, and affordable floating eyewear retainer from Cat & Cow.

The vast collection of Cat & Cow’s floating sunglasses strap and sunglass accessories strap line is a rare combination of fine quality, style, comfort, and price. Designed with the needs of water sports and outdoor enthusiasts in mind, our floating eyewear retainers will keep your glasses afloat whenever you decide to jump in the water with your shades on.

Never Worry about Losing Your Sunglasses Again
No one likes to lose their expensive sunglasses. On the other hand, you can’t leave home without your shades, especially when you are ready to embark on a new adventure. The UV rays reflected from water and snow are twice as harmful to the eye as regular sunlight.

As adventure addicts ourselves, Cat & Cow wants to give your sunglasses the protection they need all while ensuring you are looking cool while doing what you love most. Cat & Cow is committed to delivering high quality floating sunglasses strap and sunglass accessories strap at competitive prices. Available in a variety of styles and colors, Cat & Cow floating sunglasses strap and sunglass accessories strap are designed to withstand wear and tear on both land and water.

The floating sunglass cord is made from lightweight materials to achieve perfect buoyancy without compromising on style and design. All straps and retainers are handmade with care to ensure optimum durability. Whether you are into watersports, fishing, boating, cycling, or even hiking, all you need is Cat & Cow floating sunglasses strap and sunglass accessories strap to keep your valuable, safe.

Cat & Cow Flow Kit
Take any eyewear retainer strap and add floating buoys to keep your shades from sinking into the ocean. You can add as many as six buoys depending on the amount of flotation you want for your sunglasses.

Cat & Cow Floating Strap
Great for water sports enthusiasts, boaters, and fishermen, the Cat & Cow floating strap is lightweight, quick-drying, and comfortable. Available in various colors, such as green, blue, pink, red, and orange, these floating sunglasses lanyard suit most frame styles and designs. They have an adjustable strap for perfect fit. But, most importantly, they will keep your expensive shades or prescription glasses afloat so that you never lose them again in the lake, river, or ocean.

Just because you’re on a boat, the beach, or near a body of water, you shouldn’t be afraid that your sunglasses will slip from your nose and find their ways to the bottom of the sea. At Cat & Cow you can find quality floating glasses straps that will let you swim, fish, or do a variety of water sports with your glasses on.

Stop protecting your sunglasses. Let Cat & Cow’s floating eyeglass retainer protect them for you.
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