Shop men’s pants, including casual pants, military trousers, and hiking pants.
Jeans are the go-to pants for most men. And, it’s understandable. They’re comfortable, go with everything, and are easy to wear. 
But, here at Cat & Cow, we think that there are other pants styles that are even more comfortable and versatile than denim. 
Enter military trousers, hiking pants, and casual pants. 
Military Trousers
The versatility of Cat & Cow military trousers makes it the go-to pant for meeting friends for drinks or just hanging out on the weekend. Built with blended cotton and available in multiple colors and sizes, these pants deliver features that are designed for comfort and easy movement. You can also find models that don’t scream “military” and can transition easily into casual wear. 
The military trousers at Cat & Cow come with strategic placement of pockets for easy access to important tools. Durable, yet comfortable, they will become a staple in your wardrobe.
Hiking pants
Due to the cotton blend fabric, the hiking pants available on Cat & Cow are breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying – important features for any nature and hike-lover. They have enough pockets for you to store different accessories. The pockets are conveniently placed so that you can access them easily. More than that, they are deep enough and have zippers to prevent items from falling out. 
Casual pants
Casual pants are just as easy to wear like jeans and have several benefits over denim. While jeans are stiff, heavy, and hot in summer, casual pants are soft, cool, and lightweight. The casual pants available at Cat & Cow are made from blended cotton which makes them comfortable to wear all day long. More than that, due to the quick drying fabric, there is no risk that your favorite pair of pants will be wet when you need it the most. 
Casual pants are also more versatile than denim. While both styles can be worn with almost everything in your wardrobe, casual pants will allow you to take your formal attire to the next level. You can wear the Cat & Cow casual pants to the office, on a date, or for chores around the house. 
Make Your Own Design
If you want to individualize your wardrobe or create custom pants for your team or company, our embroidery service will turn your design exactly the way you want. 
The specialists at Cat & Cow will help you highlight your brand by stitching your logo directly into the fabric. You can embroider your logo on the right pocket for tactical pants or on the back right pocket of casual pants.
The great range of pants for men available on Cat & Cow will help you complete your wardrobe with bargain-priced trousers for any occasion. Save money with our jaw-dropping deals and spoil yourself with trendy t-shirts for men, a fancy dinner with your loved one or another pair of pants, why not? After all, one can never have enough!
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