Get all your Tactical Pants, Including Military Trousers and Hiking Pants in one place. 
If you are an ordinary man there are not too many items in your wardrobe but even then there are a few must-haves; this will include your pair of jeans for those social outings, a formal suit when you want to impress an interview panel, some cozy shoes, aviator sunspecs and of course your usual tactical pants. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or you need something to put on while lounging at home; every man needs a pair of comfortable pants.

At Cat & Cow, supreme quality is our second name; when you combine that with our affordable prices you can be sure that you have a winning combination. This means that your next adventure will be hilarious because you have a good stock of adventure pants. Whether you love hiking or fishing, hiking pants for men is everything that you need; they are available in a full range of colors and sizes; log onto our online shop and acquire a durable pair of outdoor hiking trousers. 

Weather Resistant 
Nothing makes an otherwise enjoyable hobby more difficult than having to strut through the wilderness without the right kind of gear that will ensure your safety; the tactical pants sold at Cat & Cow are made using the highest quality blended cotton that are lightweight and breathable and which will protect you from the elements. It doesn’t matter whether you are going through a water body or otherwise; you can be sure that you will come out unscathed since your skin will be protected from thorny bushes and rocks and what’s more, the enhanced comfort levels will ensure that your performance is nothing but great. 

There are at least two types of fabric that are used on the military army pants you can avail at Cat & Cow; you can choose between 100% cotton and cotton blend which is 97% cotton and 3% spandex. If you want custom pants that are hard-wearing, waterproof and breathable you want to choose the pure cotton of military trousers. The cotton blend fabric is most ideal for wet conditions because it doesn’t absorb moisture and because they are light you have freedom to move without any encumbrances whether you are moving through dense forest or scorching sand. The sturdy fabric ensures that your hiking pants will last longer than you ever imagined. 

The adventure pants sold at Cat & Cow have been specifically designed with the lover of the natural world in mind; they not only allow for hassle-free movement but are also flexible and comfortable. Some of the leading features in their design include pleats in the knees that provide the kind of space you need when you are climbing rocks, fishing, or trekking

Strategic Storage
If you love the natural world you definitely know that there tools that you need to have in place before you go out discovering the world; starting with the flashlight, a multi-tool and a knife that can come in handy should the situation demand. However, when you have Cat & Cow’s hiking pants for men with their deep pockets you can be sure that your most desirable tools are available at arms-length-literally.

Make Your Own Design
If you are the creative type who wants nothing less than an individualized wardrobe, you can easily buy plain and individualize your custom tactical pants to create the kind of design that you want; what about embroidering your company’s logo on the right pocket? With the wide range of outdoor hiking trousers sold at Cat & Cow, you can easily fill your wardrobe with something to use in your next hike.

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